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Radiography Positioning - radiologystar

Ethics On Radiologic Technology.

What Are The Ethics On Radiologic Technology ?   Ethics is the term applied to a health professional’s moral responsibility and the science of appropriate conduct toward other . The work of the medical professional requires strict rules of conduct. The...

Position Of Radiographic.

What Are The Position Of Radiographic ?    A radiographic projection is described by the direction of the central ray relative to aspects and planes of the body. a) Anteroposterior ( AP) :- The x-ray beam is passed from the anterior side and emerges from the...

Body Movement.

What Is Body Movement ? The motion of all or part of the body, especially at a joint or joints know as body movements.  Types of body movement:- A) Flexion:- The movement by which the angle of a join is decreased is known as flexion. B) Extension:- The movement by...

Anatomical Terminology.

Anatomical Terminology. The anatomical terminologies are as follows.   a) Anterior or Ventral:-  The terms Anterior or Ventral means front side of the body. b) Posterior or Dorsal:-  The term posterior or Dorsal means back side of the body. c) Superior or...

Planes Of The Body.

 Planes Of The Body. The anatomical body planes are imaginary surface planes which used to divide body into section. The types of body planes are.   a) Transverse or Axial plane. b) Sagittal plane. c) Median sagittal plane. d) Coronal plane.   a) Transverse...

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