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100+ Best Radiology MCQs Part 2 - radiologystar

100+ Best Radiology MCQs Part 2

Radiology MCQs

Radiology MCQS



These100+ Best Radiology MCQs part 2 cover a wide range of topic related to radiology , making them essential tool for anyone preparing for radiology exams or seeking to deepen their knowledge in the field.


1) Image reconstruction algorithm used by  Hound fields to develop the first CT scanner was called

A. Mathematical reconstruction.

B. Algebraic reconstruction technique.

C. Fan beam filtered back projection technique.

D. Back projection technique.

Ans:- B

2) In which year year hounsfield and Allan cormack shared Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology

A. 1972

B. 1975

C. 1978

D. 1990

Ans:- C

3) Fourth generation CT scanner was developed

A. 1974

B. 1976

C. 1978

D. 1980

Ans:- A

4) Which of the following is a detector characteristics

A. Stability

B. Dynamic range

C. Afterglow

D. All of the above

Ans:- D

5) Which one of following was used in first and second CT scanner as detector material ?

A. Bismuth germinate

B. Calcium tungstate

C. Nal

D. Call

Ans:- C

6) What is the QDE ( Quantum detection efficiency) for Xenon gas detectos ?

A. 50 – 60 %

B. 60 – 70 %

C. 70 – 80 %

D. 80 – 90 %

Ans:- A

7) What was the limitations of iterative reconstruction?

A. Difficult to obtain accurate ray sum

B. Procedure takes too long

C. More projection data is required

D. All of the above

Ans:- D

8) Aliasing artefact usually arises from

A. Detector malfunction

B. Patient Motion

C. Sampling error

D. Photon starvation

Ans:- C

9) The principle employed for digital radiography is based on

A. Photographic substraction

B. Colour substraction

C. Electronic substraction

D. Computerized Substraction

Ans:- C

10) The velocity of ultrasound waves in air is

A. 1430 m/s

B. 1550 m/s

C. 331 m/s

D. 1570 m/s

Ans:- C

11) Computer used in Radiology belongs to which class of computer technology

A. Micro computer

B. Mini computer

C. Advanced computer

D. None of the above

Ans:- B

12) The word primigravida is used for the woman who is

A. Unmarried

B. Pregnant for first time

C. Pregnant for second time

D. Sterile

Ans:- B

13) Necrosis meaning

A. New morbid growth

B. Death of tissues

C) Pertaining to neck

D. Feeling of sickness

Ans:- B

14) The non screen film are used for

A. Mammography

B. Duplication

C. Substraction

D. All of above

Ans:- D

15) Types of radiation not commonly used in radiotherapy

A. Isotopes

B. Alpha particles

C X-ray

D) Gamma rays

Ans:- B

16) X-ray Film which are sensitive to all spectrum of white light termed as

A. Monochromatic film

B. Orthochromatic film

C. Panchromatic films

D. All of the above

Ans:- C

17) Best investigation for the detection of bone metastasis is

A. X-ray

B. CT scan


D. Bone scan

Ans:- D

18) Most ionizing radiation among the following is

A. X-ray

B. Gamma rays

C. Beta Rays

D. Alpha rays

Ans:- D

19) The MR imaging in multiple sclerosis will show lessions in

A. White matter

B. Gray matter

C. Thalamus

D. Basal ganglia

Ans:- A

20) Threshold radiation dose for hematological syndrome is

A. 1 Gy

B. 5 Gy

C. 20 Gy

D. 100 Gy

Ans:- A

21) The rate at which radioactive isotope changes to more stable atom is known as

A. Isotope decay rate

B. Isotope disintegration rate

C. Isotope conversation rate

D. Isotope change rate

Ans:- A

22) What is CHART ?

A. Continues Hyper Fractionated Added Radio Therapy

B. Continues Hyper Fractionated Accelerated Radio Therapy

C. Continues Hyper Fast accelerated Radio Therapy

D. Continues Hyper Fractionated Automated Radio Therapy

Ans:- B

23) Cerebral spinal fluid is formed in

A. Third ventricle

B. Fourth ventricle

C. Spinal chords

D. Choroid plexus of lateral ventricles.

Ans:- D

24) Who invented CT scan?

A. Damadian

B. Godfrey Hounsfield

C. W. C Roentgen

D. Gustave Bucky.

Ans:- B

25) Skyline view is taken to demonstrate to

A. Femur

B. Humerus

C. Patella

D. Tibia

Ans:- C

26) Phlebography is the radiological examination to demonstrate

A. Veins

B. Arteries

C. Nerve roots

D. Lymphatic system

Ans:- A

27) The unit of power is

A. Joule

B. Coulomb

C. Watt

D. Farad

Ans:- C

28) Ohm is a unit of

A. Electric pressure

B. Electrical resistance

C. Electrical power

D. Electric current

Ans:- B

29) Programmed cell death is called

A. Apoptosis

B. Necrosis

C. Decay

D. Cell death

Ans:- A

30) True regarding radiographic contrast

A. Subject contrast

B. Film contrast

C. Fog and scattered

D. All of above

Ans:- A

31) In which bone olecranon and coronoid process are seen

A. Humerus

B. Ulna

C. Scapula

D. Clavicle

Ans:- B

32) Which of the following is not the end product of photoelectric interaction

A. Characteristics radiation

B. Photoelectron

C. Positive ion

D. Continues radiation

Ans:- D

33) Beam restrictor are all except

A. Aperture diaphragm

B. Cones and Cylinders

C. Collimators

D. Grids

Ans:- D

34) Maximum permissible radiation does for radiographer is

A. 5 rem / year

B. 10 rem / year

C. 0.5 rem / year

D. 15 rem / year

Ans:- D

35) The developing solution contains all except

A. Organic acid

B. Hydroquinone

C. Sodium sulphate

D. Antifoggants

Ans:- D

36) Atoms having same number of protons but different number of neutrons are known as

A. Isomers

B. Isotopes

C. Misnomers

D. Isotones

Ans:- B

37) Heel effect is used for imaging of all except

A. Breast

B.Calf muscle

C. Thick non uniform body parts

D. Skull

Ans:- B

38) Target used in mammography unit is

A. Tungsten

B. Rhodium

C. Molybdenum

D. Titanium

Ans:- C

39) The interaction of x-ray with the matter that is responsible for photographic image is

A. Photoelectric

B. Compton effect

C. Coherent scattering

D. Pair production

Ans:- A

40) Factors determining scatter radiation are all except

A. Kilo voltage

B. Part thickness

C. Field size

D. Focus film distance

Ans:- D

41) Radiographs from three phase , full wave rectified x-ray unit were underexposed using know correct exposures . A synchronous spinning top test was performed using 100mA , 1/20 second and 70 kV and a 12 degree arc is observed on test film. Which of the following is most likely the problem?

A. The 1/20 sec time station is inaccurate

B. The 100 mA station is inaccurate

C. A rectified is not functioning

D. The processor needs servicing.

Ans:- A

42)The spinning top test can be used to evaluate

1. Timer accuracy

2. Rectifier failure

3. Effect of kV on contrast

A. Only 1

B. Only 2

C. 1 and 2 only

D. 1, 2 and 3

Ans:- C

43) Characteristics of anemia include

1. Decreased number of circulating red blood cells

2. Decreased hemoglobin

3. Hematuria

A. Only 1

B. 1 and 2 only

C. 1 and 3 only

D. 1,2 and 3

Ans:- B

44) Chemical substance that inhabit growth of pathogenic microorganisms about without necessary killing them are called

1. Antiseptic

2. Germicide

3. Disinfectants

A. 1 only

B. 1 and 2 only

C. 2 and 3 only

D. 1,2 and 3 only

Ans:- A

45) The types of shock associated with pooling of blood in the peripheral vessels is classified

A. Neurogenic

B. Cardiogenic

C. Hypovolemic

D. Septic

Ans:- A

46) What type of precautions the spread of infection agents in aerosol form

A. Strict isolation

B. Protective isolation

C. Airborne precautions

D. Contact precautions

Ans:- C

47. The most effective method of sterilization is

A. Dry heat

B. Moist heat

C. Pasteurization

D. Freezing

Ans:- B

48) The legislation that guarantees confidential of all patient information is





Ans:- B

49) Patient’s rights include the following

1. The right to refuse treatment

2. The right to confidentiality

3. The right to possess one’s medical records

A. 1 only

B. 1 and 2 only

C. 1 and 3 only

D. 1,2 and 3

Ans:- B

50) A patient is usually required to drink barium sulfate suspension in order to demonstrate which of the following structures

1. Pylorus

2. Sigmoid

3. Duodenum

A. 1 and 2 only

B. 1 and 3 only

C. 2 and 3 only

D. 3 only

Ans:- B

51) The image intensifier input phosphor is generally composed of

A. Cesium iodide

B. Zinc cadmium sulfide

C. Gadoliniumoxysulfide

D. Calcium tungstate

Ans:- A

52) In which aspect of the orbital wall a blowout fracture usually

A. Superior

B. Inferior

C. Medial

D. Lateral

Ans:- B

53) In the parieto- orbital projection ( Rhese method ) of the optic canal, the median sagittal plane and central ray from what angle

A. 90 degree

B. 37 degree

C. 53 degree

D. 45 degree

Ans:- B

54) Image identification markers should include

1. Patient name or ID number

2. Date

4. Right or left marker

A. 1 only

B. 1 and 2 only

C. 2 and 3 only

D. 1, 2 and 3

Ans:- D

55) The sternoclavicular joints are best demonstrates with the patient PA and

A. In a slight oblique, affected side adjacent to image receptor

B. In a slight oblique, affected side away from image receptors

C. Erect , weight bearing

D. Erect with and without weights

Ans:- A

56) All of the following position are likely to be employed for both single – contrast and double – contrast examination of the large bowel except

A. Lateral rectum

B.bAp axial rectosigmoid

C. Right and left lateral decubitus

D. RAO and LAO abdomen

Ans:- C

57) The following statements is ( are ) accurate with respect to the difference between the male and female bony pelvis

1. The female pelvis outlet is wider

2. The pubic angle is 90 degree or fewer in the male

3. The male pelvis is more shallow

A. 1 only

B. 1 and 2 only

C. 2 and 3 only

D. 1,2 and 3

Ans:- B

58) In the lateral projection of the foot , the

1. Planter surface should be perpendicular to the image receptors

2. Metatarsal are superimposed

3. Talofibular joint should be visualized

A. 1 only

B. 1 and 2 only

C. 2 and 3 only

D. 1,2 and 3

Ans:- B

59) What projection of the calcaneus is obtained with the leg extended plantersurface vertical and perpendicular to the image receptor and central ray directed 40 degree caudad?

A. Axialplantodorsal projection

B. Axialdorsoplantar projection

C. Lateral projection

D. Weight bearing lateral

Ans:- B

60) With the patient positioned as for a parietoacanthial and the central ray directed through the patient’s open mouth, which of the following sinus group is demonstrated through the open mouth?

A. Frontal

B. Ethmoid

C. Maxillary

D. Sphenoid

Ans:- D

61) MRI is a medical imaging technique most commonly used in Radiology to visualize the internal structure and function of the body. Which of these statements about MRI indicates a drawback of this technology?

A. MRI technology can be used to observe changes in brain activity in living time.

B. Mri can produce multiple two dimensional image of body structures and three dimensional reconstruction of them

C. MRI is very safe for the patient because it doesn’t use ary radiation

D. MRI imaging machine can cost between 1 and 3 million dollars and the suites required to house the machine cost up to $ 500, 000 each

Ans:- D

62) A 20 year old man visit his doctor, worried about his worsening diarrhea, abdomen pain and blood in his stool. The doctor wonders if he may have an inflammatory bowel disease. Which kind of diagnostic imaging technology should the doctor use first to test?

A. Ultrasound of his abdomen

B. MRI three dimensional reconstruction of his colon

C. Colonoscopy

D. Positron emission tomography ( PET ) scan of his

Ans:- C

63) Which of the following occurs at 70 kVp or higher and account for a very small part of the x-ray produced in the dental x-ray machine?

A. Bremsstrahlung radiation

B. Compton radiation

C. Characteristics radiation

D. Coherent scatter

Ans:- C

64) Radiation exposure is the least in the following procedures



C. Bilateral nephrostomogram

D. Spiral CT for stones

Ans:- A

65) A 35 years old lady with chronic backache.bOn x-ray she had a D12 collapse. But intervertebral disc space is maintained. All are possible except

A. Multiple myeloma

B. Osteoporosis

C. Metastasis

D. Tuberculosis

Ans:- D

66) Bone marrow transplant recipients patient developed cheat infection. On chest x-ray Tree on bud appearances. The cause of this is

A. Klebsiella

B. Pneumocystis


Ans:- B

67) Frontal sinus can be best visualized by

A. Caldwell’s view

B. Water’s view

C. Town’s view

D. Schuller’s view

Ans:- A

68) Most sensitive test to detect ductal carcinoma in situ is

A. Mammography


C. Both

D. Non

Ans:- B

69) Superficial X-ray therapy include X-rays of potentials ranging from

A. 5 to 50 kilovolt
B. 50 to 150 kilovolt
C. 100 to 150 kilovolt
D. 150 to 300 kilovolt

Answer: B

70) Which position of the shoulder demonstrates the lesser tubercle in profile medially


B. External rotation

C. Internal rotation

D. Neutral position

Ans:- C

71) Which of the following is ( are ) located on the distal aspect of the humerus

1. Capitulum

2. Intertubercular groove

3. Coronoid fossa

A. 1 only

B. 1 and 2 only

C. 1 and 3 only

D. 1 , 2 and 3

Ans:- C

72) Which of the following is ( are ) valid criteria for a lateral projection of the forearm?

1. The radius and ulna should be superimposed proximally and distally

2. The coronoid process and radial head should be superimposed

3. The tuberosity should face anteriorly

A. 1 only

B. 1 and 2 only

C. 2 and 3 only

D. 1, 2 and 3

Ans:- D

73) A pixel may be defined as

A. The portion of the CRT displaying the image

B. A volume element

C. A picture element

D. A miniature image

Ans:- C

74) The mathematical technique that involves the estimation of an unknown value from values on either side of it’s knows as

A. Filtering

B. Interpolation

C. Convolution

D. Summation

Ans:- B

75) Pixel representing tissues with average attenuation coefficient greater than that of water have which of the types of values ?

A. Extremely small

B. Positive

C. Negative

D. None of above

Ans:- B

76) Which compared with conventional x-ray, CT procedure diagnostic images with improved

A. Low contrast resolution

B. Spatial resolution

C. Minute details

D. Patient dose

Ans:- A

77) In 1977 the Australian mathematician……………….. Proved that it was possible to reconstruction a three dimensional object from the infinite set of all projections.

A. Radon

B. Tsien

C. Bracewell

D. Cromack

Ans:- A

78) Which of the following is not commonly used as a CT scintillating detector

A. Ceramic rare earth

B. Silver halide

C. Bismuth germinate

D. Cadmium tunstate

Ans:- B

79) If a ROI placed on an object of interest and HU measure + 1.9 HU , the material is most likely to be

A. Fat

B. Blood

C. Tumor

D. Water


80) The average window width range for a abdomen is

A. 200 – 500 HU

B. 350- 600 HU

C. 650 – 850 HU

D. 900 – 1200 HU

Ans:- B

81) Gamma rays are harmful to the tissues because of their

A. Copulation Acton

B. Linear acceleration

C. Ionization action

D. Magnetization

Ans:- C

82) Highest magnetic field strength MRI available for diagnostic purpose is

A. 1 T

B. 1.5 T

C. 3 T

D. 7 T

Ans:- C

83) The ions which scatter x-ray most ?

A. Hydrogen

B. Lithium

C. Carbon

D. Lead


84) Which is the best imaging modality to detect pancreatic duct injury




D. Radiography

Ans:- C

85) Primary radiation barrier materials used include

A. Concrete

B. Lead

C. Steel

D. Any of the above

Ans:- D

86) Personal monitoring devices include all EXCEPT

A. Geiger Muller counter

B. Film badges

C. TLD badges

D. Pocket dosimeters

Ans:- A

87) X-ray radiation monitoring instruments include all EXCEPT

A. Ionization chamber

B. Geiger Counter

C. Neutron rem counter

D. Photographic film

Ans:- C

87) Therapeutic range of electrons is given by depth of depth dose.

A. 70%

B. 90%

C. 80%

D. 85%

Ans:- B

88) Field shaping is done by all EXCEPT

A. Custom blocking

B. Wedge filters

C. Independent jaws

D. Multi leaf collimators

Ans:- B

89) In linear accelerator, photon beam passes from the source till the exit from gantry head in the order

A. Primary collimator → ion chamber → filter → MLC

B. Primary collimator → filter → ion chamber → MLC

C. Primary collimator → MLC → filter → ion chamber

D. Filter → primary collimator → MLC → ion chamber

Ans:- B

90) Gating is a newer technique used in the treatment of

A. Ca rectum

B. Ca tongue

C. Ca lung

D. Ca ovary

Ans:- C

91) Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) in radiotherapy is used for

A. Treatment planning

B. Treatment verification

C. CT simulation

D. Conversional simulation

Ans:- B

92) All head and neck malignancies have the same nodal staging in TNM system except in cancer.

A. Buccal mucosa

B. Oropharynx

C. Tongue

D. Nasopharynx

Ans:- D

93) Radiation reactions in head and neck radiation include all EXCEPT

A. Mucositis

B. Skin pigmentation

C. Bleeding per vaginum

D. Dry mouth

Ans:- C

94) Total external beam radiation dose given in the treatment of cancer cervix stage III is

A. 25 Gy

B. 35 Gy

C. 45 Gy

D. 65 Gy

Ans:- C

95) Which is the oncologic emergency treated with radiation ?

A. Tumour lysis syndrome

B. Superior venacaval obstruction

C. Polymyositis

D. None of the above

Answer: B

96) Post mastectomy radiation is given by

A. 4 field box technique

B. Tangential fields

C. Lateral parallel pair

D. None of the above

Answer: B

97) Radiation treatment is given for the following non-malignant brain condition

A. Astrocytoma

B. Encephalitis

C. Glioblastoma

D. Craniopharyngioma

Answer: D

98) The following radiation fields are used in the treatment of lymphoma EXCEPT

A. Mantle field

B. Inverted Y field

C. Dog leg field

D. Pencil beam field

Answer: D

99) Craniospinal irradiation is primarily used in the treatment of

A. Craniopharyngioma

B. Vertebral metastasis

C. Medulloblastoma

D. Multiple myeloma

Answer: C

100) Scalp hair loss occurs in the following conditions EXCEPT

A. Cranial irradiation

B. Chemotherapy

C. Both 1 & 2

D. Pelvic irradiation

Answer: D


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