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X-ray table - radiologystar

What Is X-ray Table?


X-ray table

Types Of Radiographic Table.

The radiographic table have several types:- 
a) Tilting table.
b) floating table.
c) Vertical motion table.
d) Fixed height x-ray table
a) Tilting Table:- In tilting table, The hydraulic motor is used to change position. The tilting table turn on a central axis to vertical position. This table allow the patient to placed in horizontal or vertical position. The tilting table also tilt opposite direction to allow the patient head to lower at least 15 degree in a Trendelenburg position.
The tilting table is an features of most in fluoroscopy table or radiography unit. The tilting table include a footboard and shoulder guard to provide safety for the patient when tilting the table.
Tilting table
b) Floating Table:- The floating table allow the top of table to move independently of the remainder of the table for ease in aligning the patient to x-ray tube and the image receptor. This floating table allowing the radiographer to shift the patient of the table top or movement may be power- assisted , activated small control pad with switch.
Floating table
c) Vertical table motion:- In vertical table motion, a hydraulic motor used. The vertical table activated by a hand, foot, or knee switch, raises or lowers the height of the table. The vertical table allowing the lowering of the table so that the patient can sit down on easily and also permits table to raise to comfortable working height for the radiographer.
d) Fixed height X-ray table:- This is a standard X-ray table that is fixed in height and cannot be adjusted.

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