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X-ray Control Panel. - radiologystar

what is x-ray control panel?

X-ray control panel means a device which control input power to the x-ray high voltage generator and the x-ray tube. It includes equipment such as timers, photo timers, automatic brightness stabilizer and similar device which control the technique factor of x-ray exposure. The control panel allows radiographer / Technologist to control the x-ray tube current and voltage, so that the useful x-ray beam is of proper quantity and quality. The operating console usefully provides for control of Kvp, mA, and exposure time. Meters are provided for monitoring Kvp, mA and exposure time. Some console also provide a meter for mAs. Controls and meters are digital and technique are selected with a touch screen. Numeric technique selection is often replace by icons indicating the body parts, size, and shape. Most x-ray imaging system are designed to operate on 220V power and some operate 110V or 240V. The control panel vary with type of x-ray machine but most often following components or some of them exit.


x-ray control panel



A) On-Off Switch:- It is a main switch to turn the unit “on”. The switch permit flow of current to the tube at “On” position and prevent the same at “off” position. For the safety of the x-ray tube and also to avoid an accidental exposure the switch should remain in “Off” position when machine in not being used.


B) Voltmeter And Voltage Compensator Control :- Most x-ray machines are designed to operate on a 220 voltage power source. A voltmeter measures the voltage of electric current and voltage compensator allows adjustment of voltage. In most machine these days such a system Automatic.


C) Kilovoltage selector :– It allows precise selection of desired kV. In some machines this control is automatically linked to certain miliamperage (mA) value. In such a case a high kVp is available at a relatively low mA and vice versa.


D) Milliampere (mA) selector :– Milliampere Selector is placed within the high tension circuit. It indicates the current passing through the tube during an actual X-ray exposure.


E) Timer :- The timer control the duration of exposure.


F) mAs :- Some units has an mAs control instead of mA and time setting. The mAs determines the total quantity of radiation produced during an exposure.


G) Bucky:- The bucky switch activates the motor control of the bucky device so that the grid will movie during exposure.


H) Automatic exposure control (AEC):- In AEC , the special setting available on certain units that allows termination of exposure when a certain quantity of radiation has reached IR.


I) Prep ( Ready or rotor) switch:– This switch prepares the tube for exposure and must be continuous activated unit exposure is complete.


J) Exposure Switch:- Initiates the exposure and must be continuously activated unit the exposure is complete



K) Accessories:- Other controls may also be present depending on the equipment and it’s specific feature.




Q) Where is the control panel of x-ray?

The control panel is away from the primary beam inside a stationary or mobile protective barrier of lead equavalence.


Q) What is the function of control panel? 

The main function of control panel is to provide the ability to view and change system during x-ray exposure time.


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