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X-ray Cassette. - radiologystar

What Is X-ray Cassette ?


A cassette is a rectangle metal container Whis is help to transport the exposure and non exposure film in darkroom. The cassette is light proof rigid Device. The cassette always hinged one side and opened other side. The side where is the latches is back side and other side facing the patient is called front side. The front side is made of plastic or carbon fiber, these have low atomic number. The back side is made of metal or lead sheet. The back of lead sheet protect from the scattered radiation. The cassette back side, there is window to provide the patient ID.


The cassette are used in conventional screen film and Computed radiography (CR) system. The cassettes are provided a pairs of intensifying screen and the x-ray film keep between the pairs of intensifying like sandwich. The cassettes are available in different size like 14×17, 15×12, 14×14, 12×12, 12×10, 10×8, 12×6.
X- ray Cassette


Types of cassettes.
 There are following types of cassettes.
A) Single intensifying screen cassette.
B) Double intensifying screen cassette.
C) curved cassette.
D) Gridded cassette.
E) Multi-sectional cassette.
F) Film charger cassette.
A) Single intensifying screen cassette :- The single intensifying screen cassettes are designed to used only single side emulsion film. It is used in only mammography.
B) Double intensifying screen cassette :-

 The double intensifying screen cassettes are designed to used double emulsion film. It is used in conventional radiography.
C) Curved cassette:– The curve cassettes are designed for those examination in which conventional cassettes are not adequate. Such as tunnel view of knee, head of humerus and any additional position that increased body part and film distance with standard flat cassette. It is curved like structure. It is two types one is used when necessary close object cassette and other is used to panoramic view cassette.
D) Gridded cassette:- The cassette constructed with the grid is call Gridded cassette. The grid are present between the front intensifying screen and the front of the cassette. This cassette is used for radiography where the a conventional buck system is not present. Basically it is use in ward radiography.
E) Multi-sectional cassette:– The multi – sectional cassettes are used in manly Tomography. This cassettes are designed to hold 3-7 film with their respective intensifying screen and spacers. The spacers is 5- 10 mm in thickness. The specers are made of radiolucent foam sponge. The 5 mm spacers are produced 5 mm section of body parts. The 10 mm spacers are produced 10 mm section of body parts.
F) Film charger cassette:- The charger cassette is used in angiography procedures. The cassette has charge device series.
 Care And Maintenance Of x-ray Cassette.
 The cassette if used by care the cassette will survive many year and protect from damage and other problems.
1) The cassette used proper way.
2) The cassette should be inspected at regular for prevent the any problem.
3) Only one or two cassette carry at  one time.
4) Time to time clean the screen of cassettes.
5) if the intensifying screen are out of the cassette, the cassette will changed immediately.
6) The cassette always keep vertical.
6)  Always keep the cassette closed to protect any dust particles.
 Function Of x-ray Cassettes.
1) It hold intensifying screen and protect them from damage.
2) Exclude all light from entering the cassette and fogging the film.
3) Maintain a close and uniform contact between the film and screen.
4) Exclude dirt and dust from the sensitive screens.
5) Act as medium from exposure upto further processing of film.
Features Of An Ideal Cassette.
1) Light weight to facilitate easy handling and carrying.
2) Easy to open and close under low light condition.
3) No sharp edges or corner which might injure patient to staff.
4) Strong and rigid to withstand physical damage from daily wear and tear.
5) The front part must provide minimum beam attenuation be of uniform thickness and have no irregularities.
6) The internal rear surface must have adequate layer of lead foil attached to minimize the risk of back scatter.
7) Cassette construction should be so that that there is uniform contact between film and screen by the use of foam sponges.
8) Availability in range of film sizes.

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