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What Are The Types Intensifying Screen ? - radiologystar

What Are The Types Intensifying Screen ?

Following types of intensifying screens.


A) Diagnostic Intensifying Screens.
B) Fluorescent intensifying Screen.
C) Photofluorographic intensifying screen.
A) Diagnostic Intensifying Screens:- The diagnostic intensifying screen is used in medical radiography. The diagnostic intensifying are mounted in pair in a x-ray cassette. The front side of intensifying screen is slightly thinner then the back side of intensifying screen of the cassette. This tend to even out the exposure of light to both sides of the x-ray film. The intensifying screen are mounted inside the cassette and the emulsion are kept between the both intensifying screen in the cassette. The x-ray energy absorbed by the screen and converted into visible light. Some x-ray film contain single intensifying screen which is slower but produce fine details in x-ray film. In this screen made up of calcium tungsten.
B) Fluorescent Intensifying Screen :- The fluorescent intensifying screen was commonly used in fluoroscopy system. The fluorescent intensifying screen made up of Zinc cadmium sulfide ( ZnCdS ) material which emitted a yellow green light that was more easily seen in a darkened room. The fluoroscopy screen has property of phosphorescence means the phosphor continues to be luminescent after the exciting energy is removed. The Radiologist viewed the fluoroscopic screen directly. It was necessary to cover the screen with lead glass to provide protection from the ionizing x-rays.
C) Photofluorographic intensifying screen:- The Photofluorographic intensifying screen was used in the procedure of Photofluorographic. It provided a technique for mass chest radiography in which exposure to patient and intensifying screen was continuous until the fluorescence from the screen reached a level that triggered a camera shutter. Now a photograph was made of the image on the screen from the opposite side and made of zinc sulfide. This screen used because this unit made for portable and proper uniform exposure to the film was assured. So that the radiation dose of the patient is high.

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