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Principles Of Radiation Protection. - radiologystar

What are the principles of radiation protection.

The aim of radiation protection is to prevent the effect of radiation who work in radiation field and patient. The principle of radiation protection is protect the deterministic effects and stochastic effect. The radiation protection is work on the principle of ALARA. The ALARA is stand for as low as reasonably achievable. The term ALARA was introduced by ICRP -26. It states that doses to patient and staff should be kept as low dose. The ALARA effort must be made to reduce radiation levels below the stated dose limits within economic and social limits.

      There are three principle method to reduce the radiation dose.
A) Time.
B) Distance.
C) Shielding.
A) Time :- The total dose received by a radiation worker is directly proportional to the total duration of exposure of radiation. If the exposure time is increasing the radiation dose is also increase and if time of exposure is reduced the radiation dose also be reduced. So reduce the time of exposure in any radiation field to protect from the radiation dose.
B) Distance:- The intensity of radiation is inversely proportional to the square of distance of radiation field. If the distance is increasing the radiation intensity is half and the radiation dose is less.
C) Shielding:- When the maximum distance and minimum time do not reduce the radiation dose, the proper shielding must be provided. In shielding material that attenuated the radiation is called shield. The shield will reduce exposure to patient, staff, and public.
Q) What are the two main aims of radiation protection?

The two main aims of radiation protection are to prevent from the deterministic effects and to reduce the risk from stochastic effects.
Q) What are the three fundamental principles of radiation protection based on ICRP?
The three fundamental principles of radiation protection based on ICRP are Justification, Optimisation and dose limit.
Q) What are the three fundamental principles of radiation protection based on ALARA ?
The three fundamental principles of radiation protection based on ALARA are Time, distance and shielding.
Q) What are the four major ways people protect from radiation?
 The four major ways people to protect from radiation are
 — To reduce the exposure time.
— To maintain the distance from the source of x-ray.
— To use shielding.
— To use different types of personal protective equipment or device.
Q) What is the most effective device of radiation protection?
The lead aprons is the most effective device of radiation protection because the lead aprons worn by everyone in every where in radiation field to protect ourselves. The lead aprons covered almost whole body.
Q) Which material protect us from radiation?
The lead aprons mainly protects us from radiation.

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