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Personnel Protection Equipment In X-ray (PPE). - radiologystar

What Are The Personnel Protection Equipment In X-ray (PPE)?

In  X-Ray, Personal Protective Equipment is necessary to protect patients and radiology technicians from the damaging effects of scatter radiation and contact with open beam x-ray applications. X-ray imaging technology has advanced enormously since it was first used clinically in the early 1900s. However, radiation is cumulative, and for radiologists, radiographers, and other imaging personnel, years of exposure can add up to considerable risk and health issues.

The personnel protection equipment is given below.

A) Lead apron.

B) Thyroid shield.

C) Lead glass.

D) Gonadal shield.

E) Lead gloves.

F) Ceiling mounted barrier.

A) Lead apron:- The lead apron is a main protection device for who worked in radiology department, such as radiologist, radiographer or Radiotechnologist. The lead apron in wear a Infront of the chest to knee. It is lead equivalent thickness of 0.25-0.5 mm. The lead apron is made of rubber material to provide flexibility and handling. The lead apron protect the whole chest to knee. The lead aprons do not cover the arms, lower legs, the head , neck, thyroid and eyes.

B) Thyroid shield:- The thyroid shield is covered the thyroid gland. The shield is made of lead. It is wrapped around the neck for protection of thyroid gland. It’s work a similar to lead apron. The thyroid shield made of 0.25 mm lead.

C) Lead glass:- The lead glass is protect the eyes. The eye is very sensitive part of the radiation in our body. The lead glass is made of lead.

D) Gonadal shield:- The gonadal shield is protect of the reproductive organs in human body. The gonadal shield provided to patient. It is made of lead about 0.5 mm thickness. The gonadal shield reduce the patient absorbed dose.

E) Lead gloves:- The lead gloves is protect the hand, who worked in fluoroscopy. The lead gloves made of 0.5 mm lead thickness. The gloves wear Radiotechnologist.

F) Ceiling mounted barrier:- Ceiling mounted barriers are used in cardiac catheterization laboratory and interventional image works. This devices placed between patient and the personnel in the room. Lead glass or Leaded acrylic shields are transparent and often provide greater attention than lead aprons.

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