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Maintenance Of X-ray unit. - radiologystar

How to Maintenance Of X-ray unit.

Regular maintenance of x-ray system is necessary for safe and trouble free use. Periodic maintenance helps in reducing equipment downtime, service cost and operational hazards.

                                 Contact the local service representative for spares or preventive maintenance inspections. It is recommended that preventive maintenance be performed every three months.
 The x-ray system maintenance at following way:-
1) Inspecting the system.
2) General maintenance.
1) Inspecting the system.
A) Daily Checklist.
– Before closing the x-ray room or when the machine is not to be used for long time switch off the main supply and cover the machine properly.
– Clean the tube head and external surface of the unit by dry clothes.
B) Weekly checklist.
– Check system power cables and H.V cables for cracked or damage.
– Check all connector outside the machine for their firmness.
– Clean the hand switch with a soft dry cloth.
C) Monthly Checklist.
– Visually inspect the unit every month for any physical damage to different parts.
– Check that panel covers are properly tight with screws from all sides.
– Check the electric ⚡ and power cables for any crack, cuts etc.
– Check the equipment for any loose connection or loose hardware.
– Check the tube head for any leakage.
– Check for any abnormal noise or sparking in the machine.
– Check conditions of darkroom chemical ( Chemical must be replaced every month or depending upon their usage ).
2) General Maintenance.
a) Since only trained and qualified personnel should be permitted access to the internal portion of the x-ray units. It is recommended that service and maintenance be performed by our service engineer.
b) User should confine only preserve the external appearance of the unit by cleaning the unit with dry cloth. It is recommended to take suitable precautions against accumulation of dust etc. On the control panel, tube head etc. Dust covers may by used.

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