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How To Reduce (Minimize) Radiation Exposure? - radiologystar

How To Reduce (Minimize) Radiation Exposure?

The main purpose of radiation protection procedures in an X-ray diagnostic installation is to limit the Radiation Exposure arising from the use of the diagnostic equipment as low as possible so that the radiation dose received by the radiolological personal and general public never exceeds the maximum permissible dose limits recommend by IRCP ( international commission on Radiation Protection).


A) The radiation exposure to the patient should be the minimum exposure required to produce images of good diagnostic quality. Use radiation with care, caution and at a rate which is ALARA ( As Low As Reasonably Achievable) .
B) The speed of the film or screen and film combination should be of faster speed consistent with the diagnostic objective of the radiographic examination.
C) When a patient or film must be provided with auxiliary support during radiation exposure:-
1) Mechanical holding device shall be used when the technique permits.
2) Individuals may be permitted to hold the patient when absolutely necessary and no individual shall be used routinely for this purpose to the exclusion of others who might share the task.
 3) If human holder is required,the holder shall be positioned such that no part of body shall be struck by primary x-ray beam unless protected by at least 0.5 mm lead equivalent and shall be protected from direct scatter radiation by protective lead apron of not less then 0.25 mm lead equivalent.
D) Gonadal shielding of not then 0.25 mm lead equivalent shall be used for patient who have not passed their reproductive age radiographic procedures in gonads
are under primary beam, except in causes where shielding would interfere with diagnostic procedures.
E) Doors of the Room / OT where x-ray equipment is installed should be closed before making exposure.
F) The x-ray beam should not be directed towards doors or windows of the room or towards control panel or darkroom walls unless no other geometry is possible.
G) Obey radiation protection protection rules pertaining to time, distance and shielding.
H) Use exposure factors according to body part to avoid excess radiation to patient.
I) Use collimator to set minimal useful field size, keep image intensifier in close proximity.

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