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How To Operate The X-ray Machine In Radiology Department? - radiologystar

How To Operate The X-ray Machine In Radiology Department?


 The Radiographer or technologist will operate the x-ray machine in radiology department. Before exposure is made position the patient, along the tube head, load the cassette with film, place cassette in box and place cassette box in bucky.
1) Energize the equipment. Press the ON SWITCH to switch ON the unit. The unit will warm up within 50 seconds. The interval may be used for preparing the patient and for the adjusting the tube positioning, field size etc.
NOTE:- When the unit is to be used after being OFF for overnight or four hours or more , it is recommended that control be turned ON routinely for five minutes before exposure is made. This will provide consistency of Radiographic results and ensure proper warm up of tube filament.
2) Determine the technique to be used from TECHNIQUE CHART and set the mAS from mAS increase or decrease switches as required.
3) Set the required KVP from KVP increase or decrease switches.
4) Energize the bucky from bucky selection switch.
5) Verify the selected parameters on digital displays for accuracy to the part for which the x-ray is to be performed.
6) To make the exposure, first press the READY SWITCH and then after a brief delay for 1 sec press the X-RAY SWITCH. Do not release both the switches until exposure is terminated by timer automatically.
7) Switch OFF the unit. This step should be taken on termination of the exposure, unless another exposure is to be made on the next patient.
               X-ray may be harmful if proper radiation protection measures are not taken. So it is assumed that proper radiation protection measures are taken in room where x-ray machine is going to be operated.
WARNING:-  If x-ray tube is being operated for the first time or re- operating the x-ray tube after more than four weeks, the tube should be warmed up as follows:-
     Operate it with half of the max. Working tube voltage and then increase to max. Working tube voltage with the speed of more than 5kV per minute and keep it there for three minutes.

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