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Dose Limits. - radiologystar

What Is Dose Limits of Radiation ?

The term dose limits are provided by the international commission on radiological protection ( ICRP ). The term dose limits determines the effective doses to the individuals shall not exceed the limits recommend by the commission. The dose limits are a principles of the radiation protection and control the radiation dose of occupational exposure workers or general public.
The principle of dose limits of radiation determine to the maximum amount of radiation exposure that an individual can receive without experiencing adverse health effects. The dose limits varies depending on the types of radiation, the specific circumstances of exposure and the individuals occupational or exposure status.
For general public the annual effective dose limit is typically set at 1 milliseivert ( mSv ) per year, while for radiation workers the annual limit can be higher usually up to  20 mSv per year averaged over five years with no single year exceeding 50 mSv.
— Occupationally exposed workers .
a) The ICRP recommendations an effective dose limits of 20 mSv per year and averaged over defined periods of 5 year with no single year exceeding 50 mSv. 
b) The equivalent dose  to the eye lens of occupational worker is  20 mSv per year, averaged over defined of 5 year with no single > 50 mSv ( This was previously 150 mSv per year but updated in 2013 ).
c) The equivalent dose ot the skin of a occupational worker is 500 mSv per year.
d) The equivalent dose limits to the hand and feet of occupational worker is also 500 mSv.
— Public.
a) The effective dose to a general public ( whole body ) of 1 mSv per year.
b) The equivalent dose to a eye lens of general public is 15 mSv per year.
c) The equivalent dose to a skin of general public is 50 mSv per year.
— Occupationally exposed of pregnant workers.
a) The ICRP recommends a limits of 1 mSv from declaration of a pregnancy by a radiation worker to the subsequent birth of a child.
b) The ICRP considers the fetus to be a member of the public for radiation protection purposes.
b) When a worker pregnancy is declared the NCRP ( National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements ) recommends a monthly limits of 0.5 mSv to the embryo or fetus of a radiation worker.
c) in the united states, the regulator dose limits for the fetus of radiation worker is 0.5 mSv per month, which implies a total dose limits of 5 mSv .

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