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Important Dates And Development of Modern Radiology. - radiologystar

Important Dates And Development of Modern Radiology.


Date.                             EVENT.

1895     W.C Roentgen discovers x-ray.
1896       First medical application of  x-ray in diagnosis and therapy are made.
1900       The first American radiology organization Star ( The American Roentgen society)
1901       W.C Roentgen receives the first Nobel prize in physics.
1905       Einstein introducing his theory of relativity and the famous equation E=mc
1907      The snook interrupterless transformers is introduced.
1913      Bohr theorizes his model of the atom, featuring a nucleus and planetary electrons.
1913      Grid invented.
1913      The Coolidge hot filament x-ray tube is developed.
1917      The cellulose nitrate film base is widely.
1920     Discovered of soluble iodine compounds as contrast media.
1920      The American Society Of Radiology Technologist ( ASRT ) is founded.
1921      The potter- Bucky grid is introduced.
1922       Compton describe the scattered radiation.
1923       Cellulose acetate safety x-ray is introduced.
1925      The first international congress of radiology is convened in London.
1928      The Roentgen is defined as the unit of x-ray intensity.
1929     Forssmann demonstrates cardiac catheterization.
1929     The rotation anode x-ray tube is introduced.
1930     Tomography device are showby several independent investigators.
1932     Blue tint is added to x-ray film.
1932      The U.S. Committee on x-ray and Radium protection ( now the NCRP) issues the first dose limits.
1942        Morgan exhibits an electronic photo timing device.
1942       The Automatic film processor is introduced.
1948      Coltman develops the first fluoroscopic image intensifier.
1951      Multidirectional tomography is introduced.
1953      The rad is officially adopted as the unit of absorbed dose.
1956     Xeroradiography is demonstrated.
1956     First automatic Roller transport film processing is introduced.
1960     Polyester base film is introduced.
1963     Kuhl and Edwards demonstrate single photon emission computed tomography ( SPECT) .
1965      Ninety second rapid processor is introduced.
1966      Diagnostic ultrasonography enters routine use.
1972       Single emission film and one screen mammography become available.
1973        Hounsfield completes development of first computed tomography ( CT) imaging system.
1973        Damadian and Lauterbur produce the first magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ).
1974         Rare earth radiographic intensifying screens are introduced.
1977         Mistretta demonstrates digital Substraction fluoroscopy.
1979       The Nobel prize in physiology or medicine is awarded to Allan Cormack and Godfrey Hounsfield for CT
1980      The first commercial superconducting MRI system is introduced.
1981      Slot scan chest radiography is demonstrated by Barnes.
1981      The international system of units (SI) is adopted by the international commission on Radiation units and measurements ( ICRU).
1982      Picture archiving and communication system ( PACS) become available.
1983     The first grain film emulsion is developed.
1984      Laser stimulable phosphor for computed radiography appear.
1988      A superconducting quantum interference device for magneto encephalography ( MEG) is first used.
1989      The SI adopted by the NCRP and most scientific and medical societies.
1990      The Xeromammography system is produced.
1990      Helical CT is introduced.
1991     Twin slice CT is developed.
1992     The mammography quality standard Acts ( MQSA) is passed.
1996      Digital radiography that uses thin film transistor ( TFT) is developed.
1997     Charge coupled device ( CCD) digital radiography is introduced.
1997      Amorphous selenium flat panel image receptor is demonstrated by Rowlands.
1998    Multislice CT is introduced.
1998    Amorphous silicon CsI image receptor is demonstrated for digital radiography.
2000:    The first direct digital mammographic imaging system is made .
2002    Sixteen slice helical CT is introduced.
2002    Positrons emission tomography is introduced in routine clinical service.
2003    The Nobel in physiology or medicine is awarded to Paul Lauterbur and sir peter Mansfield for MRI.
2004     Sixtyfour slice helical CT is introduced.
2005     Dual source CT is announced ( Siemens)
2007    320 slice helical CT is introduced ( Toshiba).
2009    NCRP Report No. 160 ionizing radiation exposure of the population of the united states 2006 is published.

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