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Construction Of Darkroom In X-ray. - radiologystar

What is the construction of darkroom in x-ray.

The following general guidelines shall be followed while planning to construct a darkroom.

  A) The darkroom depending on the volume of work and number of x-ray units. Usually two or three x-ray room may be served by a single darkroom.
B) The site of darkroom shall be between two x-ray rooms.
C) A darkroom size must be in 100 square feet and 11 feet in ceiling.
D)The darkroom built such that it is absolutely light proof and dark without allowing any light leaks through window or door .
E) The entry to the darkroom is provided with light lock door. This is made possible by providing two doors and zigzag passage in between them.
F) The walls are fixed the light proof cassette hatch boxes to help transfer in cassette from and to adjacent x-ray room.
G) The Wall of x-ray room is made of concrete walls of 6″ thickness or 9″ thick brick walls which are equivalent to 1.5 mm thickness of lead are sufficient.
H) The walls should be covered with chemical resistant material such as special paint , varnish , concrete or ceramic tiles.
I) The darkroom temperature has to be maintained between 68-75 degree F.
J) Water supply shall be contagious as the tap to master tank shall have running water as long the processing tank.
K) The floor of darkroom shall be not slippery.
L) The electric connections in walls shall be well earthed and made shockproof.
M) The white light should be provided in ceiling to give diffuse for the entire room.
N) The two safe light are essential , one near the wet bench about 7 feet height from floor and the other light near dry bench about 3 feet height from top of the dry table. The safe light shall have 15 watts bulbs inside darkroom.
O) In darkroom has two side one is dry and other is wet side. In dry side , the film boxes and cassettes shall be kept. And the wet side the chemical tanks shall be kept.

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