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Barium Enema. - radiologystar

What Is Barium Enema?

The barium Enema is the radiological examination to help the study of large intestine by injected of barium sulphate contrast media through the rectum.


Large Intestine


 Indication For Barium Enema.

— Abdominal pain

— abdominal mass

— Intestinal tuberculosis

— Intestinal obstruction

— Intestinal polyps

— Inflammation

— Diarrhea

— Intestinal bleeding

— Carcinoma

— Weight loss

— Intestinal stricture

— Intestinal Perforation

— Diverticulum

— Malabsorption


Contraindications For Barium Enema.

— Suspected perforation.

— paralytic ileus.

— Completely obstruction.

— Recurrent abdominal surgery.

— Bleeding from rectum.


 Equipment For Barium enema. 

— Fluoroscopy unit.

— Spot film device.

— Enema pot.

— Enema tube.

— Local anesthesia jelly.

— Drip stand.

— Air insufflator.

barium enema pot


 Contrast media.

– 115% W / V barium suspension at 500 ml.


 Patient preparation For Barium enema. 

–The patient must be NPO 5 – 6 hrs before the examination.

— The patient must be give the instructions to take low diet for one to two day before the examination.

— Laxative may be given to patient to remove the all feces materia from the abdomen.

— The patient must be stop smoking or tobacco for prevent the proper coating of barium sulfate on the mucosal.


 Procedure / Technique.

When the patient come in radiology department.

— To ask the patient to remove all the clothes and wear the hospital gown.

— To explain the whole Procedure before the patient.

— Take the consent from to patient or patient attender.


A) Single contrast method.

— The lies lateral position with both knees are flexed.

— The lubricant gel apply into the enema tube and inserted in to the rectum.

— The patient lies supine position in gently.

— The enema tube is attached to drip stand with hight of the table.

— The barium is inserted in to the colon through the enema bag or pot at observation of Fluoroscopy unit.

— When the colon are fill with barium then turn the patient initially left side to right side.

— Then the spot film is taken


B) Double contrast method.

— The high density barium sulfate solution used in method.

— The lies lateral position with both knees are flexed.

— The lubricant gel apply into the enema tube and inserted in to the rectum.

— Than the air is insurted in the large intestine.

— The patient in supine position.

— spot film is taken.


 Filming For Barium enema. 

A) Spot film of the rectum and sigmoid colon.



— Left lateral of the rectum

— Prone


B) Film for hepatic flexure, splenic flexure and rectum.



— Right lateral of the rectum.


C) Film of transverse, ascending, descending colon 

— Supine

— Prone

— Left lateral decubitus

— Right lateral decubitus.

— Prone with 45° caudal centred 5cm above the posterior superior iliac spines.


barium enema



— After the examination the tube is removed from the rectum.

— The patient directly send to the toilet to expel the berium and air

– To give the instructions to take huge amount of water or liquid to expel the berium.

— The patient should be warned the feces are white while 2- 3 days.



— Perforation

— Barium impaction

— Venous intravasation

— Transient bacteremia

— Cardiac arrhythmia due to rectal distention.




Q) What is barium enama?

The barium Enema is the radiological examination to help the study of large intestine by injected of barium sulphate contrast media through the rectum.


Q) What is a barium enema used for?

helps to highlight the large bowel so it can be clearly seen on an X-ray.


Q) What are the two types of barium enemas?

There are two types of barium enemas.

In a single-contrast study, the colon is filled with barium. This outlines the intestine and shows large abnormalities.

In a double-contrast or air-contrast study, the colon is first filled with barium, and then the barium is drained out.


Q) What is the position for enema?

The left lateral position is the most appropriate position for giving an enema


Q) Can I drink water after enema?

it’s important to drink water to replace any fluid loss and keep your digestive system healthy.


Q) What are the side effects of enemas?

The side effects of enemas can include bloating and cramping.


Q) How do you insert a barium enema tip?

insert the rectal tube gently into the anal orifice and direct the tube anteriorly 1-1 ½ inches (2.5-3.8 cm).


Q) What is lower GI series or barium enema?

A lower GI series is a procedure in which a doctor uses x-rays and a chalky liquid called barium to view your large intestine.


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