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50 Best Radiographic Grid Mcqs With Answers - radiologystar

Radiographic Grid Mcqs With Answers

We are going to deals about 50 Best Radiographic Grid Mcqs With Answers.  Radiographic grids are devices used in radiography to improve image quality by reducing scatter radiation. They consist of thin lead strips placed perpendicular to the x-ray beam, which absorb the scattered radiation and allow only the primary radiation to reach the image receptor.

Here are some radiographic grid mcqs with answers:-


1) What is radiographic grid?

A. A device used to remove scatter radiation.

B. A device used to measure radiation exposure.

C. A device used to protect a person from radiation.

D. None

Ans:- A


2) Who invented the grid

A. Dr. Comark.

B. W.C Roentgen.

C. Dr. Androcytes.

D. Dr. Gaustav Bucky.

Ans:- D

3) Grid is made of

A. Carbon fibers

B. Series of plastic strips

C. Metal with high atomic number

D. Series of lead foil strips.

Ans:- D

4) Main purpose of using a grid is

A. To remove scatter radiation

B. To improve contrast

C. Dose measurements

D. Both A&B

Ans:- D

5) In which year grid was invented?

A. 1913

B. 1837

C. 1920

D. 1959

Ans:- A

6) Thickness of lead strips in a grid is

A. 0.05 mm

B. 0.09 mm

C. 0.01 mm

D. 0.03 mm

Ans :- A

7) Parallel grid is used generally with which units

A. Mobile units

B. Fixed units



Ans :- A


8) What is grid cut off

A. A physical cut in grid device

B. Undesirable absorbtion of primary beam

C. Undesirable absorbtion of secondary beam

D. None

Ans:- B

9) If we decrease focus grid distance, what will be the effect on grid cut off

A. Will increase

B. Will decrease

C. No effects

D. Depends on types of grid

Ans:- A


10) The interspace material is a between lead strips is

A. Rubber

B. Aluminum or cardboard

C. No material

D. Any material with atomic number.

Ans:- B

11) Disadvantage of using grid is

A. Contrast is poor

B. Higher patient dose

C. Lower patient dose

D. None

Ans:- B

12) Grid ratio is

A. H / D

B. H / W

C. D / H

D. D / K

Ans:- A

13) What is grid frequency

A. Number of lead strips per meter

B. High of lead strips upon distance between them

C. Number of lead strips per cm / inches

D. Related frequency of radiation

Ans:- C

14) How lead strips are position in focused grids

A. Straight

B. Angled towards edges

C. On top of each other

D. At right angle to each other

Ans:- B

15) Why lead strips are positioned with a angle in focused grid

A. To minimize the problem of cut – off

B. To minimize effect of cut – off

C. Just for better look

D. None

Ans:- A

16) How lead strips are positioned in cross grids

A. Placed parallel

B. Angle towards edges

C. Placed right angle to one other

D. No special position.

Ans:- C

17) Advantage of focused grid over parallel grid

A. Maximum cut – off

B. Minimum cut – off

C. Light weight

D. Easily handling

Ans:- B

18) Advantage of cross grid over parallel or focused grid

A. Higher contrast

B. Low cost

C. Lower contrast

D. No advantage

Ans:- A

19) Where crossed grid is generally used

A. Angiography


C. Wrist x-ray


Ans:- A

20) Moving grids overcome which is probably of stationary grids

A. Appearance of grid lines

B. Problem of cut – off

C. Problem of back scatter

D. None

Ans:- A


21) Which grid ratio produce high contrast

A. 10 : 1

B. 5 : 1

C. 16 : 1

D. 8 : 1

Ans:- C

22) Parallel grids are used with technique under

A. 100 kVp

B. 150 kVp

C. 50 kVp

D. 20 kVp

Ans:- A

23) Following three types of moving grid

A. Single, double and triple strips

B. Slow, fast and very fast moving

C. None

D. Single stroke , reciprocating and oscillating

Ans:- D

24) The higher the grid ratio , the better will be …………. Of scatter and ……………. Contrast

A. Clean up, lower

B. Clean up, higher

C. Backscatter, lower

D. None

Ans:- B

25) As you increase grid ratio you…………. Contrast and ………….. density

A. Increase, increase

B. Increase , decrease

C. Decrease, Decrease

D. None

26) The process of manufacturing a grid and incline it’s lead lines to a fixed focusing distance is called……………..

A. Telecommunications

B. Broadcasting

C. Canting

D. None

Ans:- C

27) Contrast improvement factor for the radiograph taken with the grid removed is

A. 5

B. 3

C. 4

D. 1

Ans:- 1

28) Most common grid frequency used in Radiology department is

A. 100 L/in

B. 50 L/in

C. 10 L/in

D. 90 L/in

Ans:- A

29) Following are two most commonly used interspace material of grids

A. Wood, leather

B. Sand, iron

C. Any material with high atomic number

D. Aluminum, plastic fiber

Ans:- D

30) The …………...grid ratio , less will be position in Latice

A. Higher

B. Lower

C. Remain same

D. None

Ans:- A

31) Grid should be used when body part is at least ………thick.

A. 10 cm

B. 12 cm

C. 7 cm

D. 1 cm

Ans:- A

32) If a particular grid has lead strips 0. 40 mm thick 4.0 mm high and 0. 25 mm apart , what is grid ratio?

A. 12 : 1

B. 8 : 1

C. 16 : 1

D. 4 : 1

Ans:- C

33) Who invented moving grid

A. W.C Roentgen

B. Godfrey Hounsfield

C. Dr. Comark

D. Dr. Hollis potter

Ans:- D

34) Which is the most commonly used moving grid

A. Reciprocating

B. Oscillating

C. Single stroke

D. None

Ans:- A

35) Most stationary grids are of ratio

A. 9:1

B. 4:1

C. 5:1

D. 12:1

Ans:- D

36) Parallel grid have more …………… Than focused and cross grid have no……………..

A. Patient dose , skin dose

B. Cost , cost

C. Latitude, latitude

D. None

Ans:- C

37) When two linear grid are accidentally placed on top of each other

A. Fog

B. Cut – off

C. Latitude

D. Moire effect

Ans:- D

38) The use of radiographic grid requires

A. Attention of CR angulation

B. An awareness of SID

C. An increase in exposure factors

D. All of the above

Ans:- D

39) The purpose of moving grid during radiographic exposure is

A. Clean up darkness

B. Blur out lead strips

C. Blur out radiopaque strip

D. Both B & C

Ans:- D

40) When radiographic grid invented first

A. 1997

B. 1919

C. 1913

D. 1885

Ans:- C

41) What is a radiographic grid used for?

A. To reduce scatter radiation

B. To increase image contrast

C. To improve image resolution

D. To increase the size of the x-ray beam

Ans:-  A. To reduce scatter radiation


42) Which of the following is a disadvantage of using a grid in radiography?

A. Increased patient dose

B. Reduced image contrast

C. Increased image resolution

D. Reduced scatter radiation

Answer: A. Increased patient dose


43) Which of the following types of grids is most commonly used in radiography?

A. Parallel grids

B. Crosshatched grids

C. Focused grids

D. Linear grids

Answer: C. Focused grids


44) What is the purpose of the lead strips in a radiographic grid?

A. To absorb scatter radiation

B. To allow primary radiation to pass through

C. To increase patient dose

D. To decrease image contrast

Answer: A

45) What is the grid ratio?

A. The ratio of scatter radiation to primary radiation

B. The ratio of lead to aluminum in the grid

C. The ratio of the height of the lead strips to the distance between the lead strips

D. The ratio of the x-ray tube voltage to the grid frequency

Answer:- C

46) Which of the following grid ratios is most effective at reducing scatter radiation?

A. 5:1

B. 8:1

C. 12:1

D. 16:1

Answer: D. 16:1

47)Which of the following factors can affect the performance of a radiographic grid?

A. Grid ratio

B. Grid frequency

C. Grid material

D. All of the above

Answer: D. All of the above

48)What is the purpose of using a moving grid during radiography?

A. To reduce patient dose

B. To reduce image noise

C. To reduce scatter radiation

D. To increase image resolution

Answer: C


49) Which of the following is a common problem associated with using a radiographic grid?
A. Grid cutoff

B. Grid artifact

C. Grid distortion

D. Grid magnification

Ans:- A


50 How does the use of a radiographic grid affect the contrast of an x-ray image?

A. It increases contrast

B. It decreases contrast

C. It has no effect on contrast

D. It increases noise

Ans:-  A


51) What is a radiographic grid?

A) A device used to improve image contrast by reducing scatter radiation

B) A type of x-ray machine used for dental radiography

C) A tool used to measure the thickness of materials

D) A type of film used in radiography

Answer:- A


52) What is the purpose of a radiographic grid?

a) To reduce radiation exposure to the patient

b) To improve image contrast by reducing scatter radiation

c) To increase radiation exposure to the patient

d) To reduce the time required for the radiographic procedure

Answer: B


53) Which of the following is NOT a type of radiographic grid?

a) Parallel grid

b) Cross-hatched grid

c) Focused grid

d) Potter-Bucky grid

Answer: B


54)What is the most common type of radiographic grid?

a) Parallel grid

b) Cross-hatched grid

c) Focused grid

d) Potter-Bucky grid

Answer: D


55) What is the primary function of a Potter-Bucky grid?

a) To reduce patient radiation exposure

b) To increase image contrast

c) To reduce scatter radiation

d) To decrease the time required for the radiographic procedure

Answer: C


56)Which of the following is NOT a factor that affects the effectiveness of a radiographic grid?

a) Grid frequency

b) Grid ratio

c) Grid material

d) Patient weight



57)What is grid frequency?

a) The number of grid lines per inch or centimeter

b) The thickness of the grid strips

c) The material used to make the grid strips

d) The height of the grid strips

Answer:- a 


58) What is grid ratio?

A. The height of the grid strips

B. The thickness of the grid strips

C. The number of grid lines per inch or centimeter

D. The ratio of the height of the grid strips to the distance between them

Ans:- D


59) Which of the following grid ratios is most effective at reducing scatter radiation?

aA. 6:1

B. 8:1

C. 10:1

D. 12:1

Ans:- D

60) Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of using a radiographic grid?

A) Increased radiation exposure to the patient

B) Increased cost

C) Increased scatter radiation

D) Decreased image contrast



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