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100+ Best Radiology MCQs part 3 - radiologystar

100+ Best Radiology MCQs part 3


These100+ Best Radiology MCQs part 3 cover a wide range of topic related to radiology , making them essential tool for anyone preparing for radiology exams or seeking to deepen their knowledge in the field.



1) CT or hounsfield number depends upon

A. Mass density

B. Electron density

C. Atomic number

D. Atomic mass

Ans:- A

2) Which of the following statement is true ?

A. By reducing kVp by 50% radiation dose is reduced to half

B. In pediatric patients dose should be reduced

C. CT dose index is not useful for control exposure in multi slice CT

D. kV has no control over CT dose index

Ans:- B

3) Which artery is dissected most commonly following arteriography by femoral route?

A. Celiac trunk

B. Superior mesenteric artery

C. Inferior mesenteric artery

D. Gastroduodenal artery

Ans:- C

4) Earliest investigation for diagnosis of Ankylosing spondylitis

A. MRI STIR sequence

B. Bone scan

C. CT scan

D. X-ray


Ans:- A

5) How much area is covered by spiral CT in 30 second?

A. Entire organ

B. Entire abdomen

C. Entire trunk

D. Whole body

Ans:- D

6) In CT scan, Hounsfield unit depends on

A. Electron density

B. Mass density

C. Effective atomic number

D. Linear attenuation number

Ans:- D

7) X-ray view of choice for lumber spondylosis is/ are

A. PA view

B. Lateral view

C. Left oblique view

D. Right oblique view

Ans:- C

8) High resolution CT of the lung is a specialized CT technique for a greater detail of lung parenchyma and it utilizes

A. Special lung filter

B. Thick collimation

C. Bone algorithm for image reconstruction

D. Large field of view

Ans:- C

9) Which of the following is non – ionising radiation

A. X-ray

B. Beta Rays

C. Alpha rays

D. Microwave

E. Gamma rays

Ans:- D

10) Time sector scanning of neonates is preferred because of the following reason. Most practical reason

A. Open fontanelles

B. Inexpensive

C. Children more co – operative

D. Better resolution

Ans:- A

11) PET stand for

A. Positive electron tomography

B. Proton electron therapy

C. Positron emission tomography

D. Photon emitting tomography

Ans:- C

12) What modification is needed for proper radiographic image In a heavy bony built person?

A. Increased mA

B. Increased kVp

C. Increased exposure time

D. Increased developing time

Ans:- B

13) Maximum radiation exposure occurs in

A. Bone scan

B. X-ray


D. CT scan

Ans:- D

14) USG is definitive investigation of

A. Vasa previa

B. Abruption placenta

C. Placenta previa

D. Imperforate hymen

Ans:- C

15) Investigation of choice in whole body imaging in metastasis is


B. Angiography

C. Venography

D. PET scan

Ans:- D

16) Gyromagnetic property of proton is seen in





Ans:- A

17) Most reliable test for spinal tuberculosis

A. Raised ESR

B. PPD skin test

C. CT guide biopsy


Ans:- C

18) In MRI , paramagnetic substance cause

A. Shortening of both T1 and T2 relaxation times

B. Shortening T2 relaxation times only

C. Shortening of T1 relaxation time only

D. No effect on T1 or T2 relaxation times

Ans:- A

19) SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation is

A. Roentgen

B. Gray

C. Sievert

D. Coulomb

Ans:- B

20) Frequency of Ultrasound wave in Usg

A. 200 Hz

B. 500 Hz

C. <2 MHz

D. > 2 MHz

Ans:- D

21) Which of the following is a non – iodine containing contrast?

A. Gadolinium

B. Visipaque
C. Iopamidol

D. Diatrizoate

Ans:- A

22) In CT , the attenuation value are measured in Hounsfield unit . An attenuation value of ‘0’ ( zero) HU corresponds to

A. Water

B. Very dense bone structure

C. Air

D. Fat

Ans:- A

23) The best contrast to perform an IVU in the contemporary era is

A. Iodinated ionic water soluble contrast

B. Iodinated non ionic water soluble contrast

C. Gadolinium based contrast

D. Lipidol

Ans:- B

24) All of the following are true about iodinated intravascular contrast media

A. They are used in digital substraction angiography

B. They are radio – opaque

C. They can cause anaphylactic reaction

D. They are used in MRI

E. They are excreted mainly by the kidneys

Ans:- D

25) BIRADS stand for

A. Breast imaging reporting and data system

B. Best imaging reporting and data system

C. Brain imaging reporting and data system

D. Breast investigation reporting and data system

Ans:- A

26) Doppler effect is due to

A. Change in frequency in relation to the movement of source or observer

B. Change in attenuation

C. Change in absorption

D. Change in reverberation

Ans:- A

27) Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism is primarily made by

A. Multidetector CT contrast

B. Angiography

C. Ventilation perfusion scan


Ans:- A

28) Alpha is similar to

A. Electron

B. Proton

C. Neutron

D. Helium

Ans:- D

29) Neural tube defects is best detected by


B. Chromosomal analysis

C. Amniocentesis

D. Placentography

Ans:- A

30) Light ray and x-ray have same

A. Velocity

B. Wavelength

C. Energy

D. Frequency

Ans:- A

31) The magnetic field in MRI machine is measured in


B. Tesla

C. Watt / sec

D. None of the above

Ans:- B

32) The basic principles behind ultrasound probe technology is

A. Piezoelectric effect

B. Photoelectric effect

C. Calorimetric effect

D. Raman effect

Ans:- A

33) PACS in medical imaging stand for

A. Portal archiving common system

B. Photo archiving computerized system

C. Picture archiving communication system

D. Planning archiving communication scheme

Ans:- C

34) Wavelength of light is

A. 400 – 700 nm

B. 700 – 800 nm

C. 700 – 900 nm

D. 300 – 600 nm

Ans:- A

35) CAT was invented by

A. Hounsfield

B. Roentgen

C. Cormack

D. Tesla

Ans:- A

36) The study using barium for small intestine is known as

A. Barium meal follow through

B. Barium swallow

C. Barium enema

D. None of above

Ans:- A

37) Which is not echogenic while doing ultrasonographer

A. Bill

B. Gas

C. Bone

D. Gallstones

Ans:- A

38) The dark area in a conventional radiographic film are due to particulate deposits of

A. Carbon

B. Iron

C. Silver

D. Copper

Ans:- C

39) IV contrast is not used in




D. Myelography

Ans:- D

40) Maximum scattering in x-ray plate occurs in

A. Carbon

B. Mercury

C. H+

D. Ca ++

Ans:- B

41) Radiation produced by nuclear decay / disintegration

A. Gamma rays

B. X-ray

C. Proton beam

D. Cosmic rays

Ans:- A

42) Contrast used in CT

A. Gadolinium

B. Technetium

C. Iodine

D. Chromium

Ans:- C

43) Investigation of choice to see gallbladder



C. Plain x-ray

D. Oral cholecystogram

Ans:- B

44) Radiocontrast is contraindicated in all except

A. Renal failure

B. History of previous severe allergic reaction

C. Dehydration

D. Morbid obesity

Ans:- D

45) The wavelength of x-ray

A. Greater than that of light

B. Lesser than that of light

C. Equal to that of light

D. None of the above

Ans:- B

46) Slice of tissue x-ray is

A. Tomography

B. Mammography

C. Contrast studies

D. All of above

Ans:- A

47) Contrast agent used in PET scan is


B. Gallium

C. Gadolinium

D. Iodine

Ans:- A

48) In which the following form of imaging harmonic imaging is related

A. Sonography

B. Digital radiography


D. Nuclear imaging

Ans:- A

49) Not a contraindications to MRI is

A. Cochlear prosthesis

B. Foley’s catheter

C. Penile implants

D. Metallic intraocular implants

Ans:- B

50) The CT scanner room are coated with

A. Lead

B. Glass

C. Tungsten

D. Iron

Ans:- A

51) Time of flight ( TOF ) technique is employed in

A. Spiral CT

B. MR angiography

C. CT angiography

D. Digital radiography

Ans:- B

52) Which of the following is not ionizing?

A. Beta radiation

B. Alpha radiation

C. Gamma radiation

D. UV radiation

Ans:- D

53) USG wave travel in human body at the rate of

A. 1500 m/s

B. 2500 m/s

C. 3500 m/s

D. None of above

Ans:- A

54) Rad is burned to produce

A. 10 ergs/g

B. 100 ergs/g

C. 0. 1 ergs/g

D. 1000 ergs/g

Ans:- B

55) Ultrasound frequency used for diagnostic purposes in obstetrics

A. 1 – 20 MHz

B. 20 – 40 MHz

C. 40 – 60 MHz

D. 60 – 80 MHz

E. 80 – 100 MHz

Ans:- A

56) All of them use non ionizing radiation except

A. Ultrasonographer

B. Thermography


D. Radiography

Ans:- D

57) Most important interaction for x-ray production in mammography is

A. Characteristics radiation

B. Thermography

C. Campton effect

D. Bremsstrahlung effect

Ans:- A

58) X-ray are modified

A. Protons

B. Electrons

C. Neutrons

D. Positron

Ans:- B

59) Contrast in x-ray is predominantly dependent on

A. kV

B. mA

C. Duration of exposure

D. Distance between source and object

Ans:- A

60) Negative contrast medium is

A. Difficult for x-ray to penetrate

B. Easily penetrated by x-ray

C. High in atomic number

D. Opaque to x-ray

Ans:- B

61) The contrast used for MRI includes

A. Perfluorocarbons

B. Ferric ammonium citrate

C. Gadolinium diethylmethylamine

D. All of above

Ans:- C

62) NMR based in the principle of

A. Electron beam

B. Proton beam

C. Magnetic field

D. Neutron beam

Ans:- B

63) MRI is not better than CT for detection of

A. Ligament injury

B. Soft tissue tumor

C. Meningeal pathology

D. Calcified lesion

Ans:- D

64) All of the following about MRI are correct except

A. MRI is contraindicated in patient with pacemaker

B. MRai is useful for evaluation bone marrow

C. MRI is better for calcified lesions

D. MRI is useful for localizing small lesion in the brain

Ans:- C

65) Patient with a metallic foreign body which investigation is not



C. X-ray


Ans:- A

66) The EEG cabins should completely shielded by continues sheet of wire mesh of copper to avoid the noise from external electromagnetic disturbance. Such a shielding is called as

A. Maxwen cage

B. Edison’s cage

C. Faraday cage

D. Ohm’s case

Ans:- C

67) Ionizing radiation is the substance which ionizes the atoms when it passes. It is harmful for biological matter. Which of the following is non ionizing modality?

A. Conversational x-ray

B. Computerized tomography

C. Magnetic resonance imaging

D. Isotopic scanning

Ans:- C

68) Investigation of choice for focal neurologic deficit in emergency room is



C. Lumber Puncture


Ans:- A

69) Fracture of nose, which view x-ray taken

A. Water’s view

B. Caldwell’s view

C. Lateral view

D. Occlusive anterior view

Ans:- C

70) Which of the following statements about contrast in radiography is true

A. Ionic monomers have three iodine atoms per two particles in solution

B. High osmolar contrast agents may be ionic or non ionic

C. Gadolinium may cross the blood brain barrier

D. Iohexol is a high osmolar contrast media

Ans:- B

71) Doppler effect results from Change in

A. Amplitude of sound

B. Frequency of sound

C. Direction of sound

D. None of above

Ans:- B

72) Investigation of choice for subdural hemorrhage is

A. Angiography




Ans:- B

73) Which of the following contrast agents is preferred in a patient with decreased renal function to avoid contrast nephropathy?

A. Acetylcysteine

B. Fenoldopam

C. Mannitol

D. Low osmolar contrast

Ans:- D

74) High resolution computed tomography of th chest is the ideal modality for evaluating

A. Pleural effusion

B. Interstitial lung disease

C. Lung mass

Ans:- B

75) Investigation of choice in congenital uterine anomaly is




D. Hysteroscopy

Ans:- A

76) Investigation of choice in pericardial effusion is



C. X-ray

D. Echocardiography

Ans:- D

77) Barium swallow is used for

A. Colon

B. Esophagus

C. Duodenum

D. Jejunum

Ans:- B

78) Rhese view is used for

A. Superior orbital fissure

B. Inferior orbital

C. Optic foramen

D. Sella turcica

Ans:- C

79) In Urinary tract tuberculosis, frequent finding on plain film of abdomen is

A) Mass

B) Ileus

C) Calcification

D) Psoas abscess

Ans:- C

80) Which one of the following has the maximum ionization potential?

A. Electron

B. Proton

C) Helium ion

D. Gamma photon

Ans:- C


81) Which of the following techniques uses piezoelectric effect?

A. MR Spectroscopy

B. Xeroradiography

C. Ultrasonographer

D. Conventional tomography

Ans:- C

82) Investigation of choice in choledocholithiasis


B. PET scan



Ans:- D

83) Investigation of choice for DVT is

A. Doppler Usg

B. Angiography

C. CT scan


Ans:- A

84) An 8 year child was injected contrast In hand for CECT chest. Immediately he developed swelling in the arm which gradually increased. After 4 hours, there was numbness and pain and he was not allowing the doctor to flex the hand. Pulse is present. What should be done?

A. High dose prednisolone

B. Arterial thrombectomy

C. Immediate fascioromy

D. Angiography

Ans:- C

85) Use of water soluble contrast Mediaum is done for

A. Constipation

B. Perforation

C. Ileocecal tuberculosis

D. Gastroesophageal reflux

Ans:- B

86) Which of the following liver metastasis appears hypoechoic on ultrasonography?

A. Breast cancer

B. Colon cancer

C. Renal cancer

D. Mucinous adenocarcinoma

Ans:- A

87) X-ray artifact is

A. A radiolucent area

B. Any abnormal opacity in the radiograph

C. Produced when patient moves while taking shoot

D. Any of the above

Ans:- C

88) Decubitus view is useful in diagnosing

A. Pleural effusion

B. Pleural effusion with dependent hemithorax

C. Pericardial effusion

D. Middle lobe consolidation

Ans:- B

89) X-ray were discovered by

A. Godfrey Hounsfield

B. Roentgen

C. Coulomb

D. Sievert

Ans:- B

90) Grid is a device used for

A. Reducing scattered radiation

B. Reducing patient exposure time

C. Reducing the contrast

D. All of the above

Ans:- A

91) The active ingredient of x-ray film is

A. Silver chloride

B. Silver bromide

C. Silver nitrate

D. Gold chloride

Ans:- B

92) The best x-ray view for minimal pleural effusion is



C. Lateral

D. Lateral decubitus

Ans:- D

93) Half life of Tc 99 is

A. 6 hrs

B. 3 days

C. 10 Month

D. 12 years

Ans:- A

94) Interlobar pleural effusion can be detected in best way in

A. Lateral decubitus

B. Reverse oblique

C. Lateral oblique

D. Posterior oblique

Ans:- B

95) Piezoelectric crystal are made use of in which modality that is safe from radiation also




D. All of above.

Ans:- B

96) Radioisotope used in PET scan is

A. Technetium 99m

B. Iodine 123

C. Iodine 131

D. Fluoride 18

Ans:- D

97) Most common radiological features of sacroidosis in Indian patients

A. Normal chest x-ray

B. Bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy

C. Bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy with parenchymal infiltrate

D. Only parenchymal infiltrate

Ans:- B

98) Which one of the following imaging modalities is most sensitive for evaluation of extra adrenal pheochromocytoma ?




D. MIBG scan

Ans:- D

99) The diagnostic procedure not done in case of pheochromocytoma

A. CT scan



D. MIBG scan

Ans:- C

100) True about electromagnetic radiation are all except

A. Pair production occur for low energy

B. Infrared is an EM radiation

C. Compton scattering occur for intermediate energy

D. X-ray is EM radiation

Ans:- A



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